Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Dig in The Wrong Place in RUSSIA And It Could Cost You 1 Million Rubels ( Approximately $18,000)

There are many people in Russia who have made a hobby of searching for old objects, but in 2013 the Russian authorities introduced a new law, which basically puts them at risk of being fined or imprisoned.
While the law has prompted large public debate it is still not totally clear as to whether all those who search for various objects in fields using metal detectors will face punishment.
According to the law, you need to obtain special permission from the Russian Ministry of Culture to carry out digging activities. This, however, is quite complicated and requires gathering many documents and a submitting a detailed explanation about your future expedition. The permission will only last for up to three months and even professional archaeologists might have problems obtaining it.
If you find anything on a treasure hunt you will need to share it equally with the owner of the land where it was buried. If an object has cultural value, it should be handed over to the state bodies.
Legally, even if you find something valuable by mistake you must inform the authorities and hand over the objects.

What is certain is that it is definitely a bad idea to deliberately search for old historical artifacts in a place marked as a cultural heritage site (a former settlement, barrow or a place of ancient religious rite). For this, you will surely end up in jail or risk paying a fine – up to 1 million rubles ( Approximately $18,000).
To avoid any risk, Russian treasure hunters recommend choosing the place of your potential search very carefully by checking with online databases of historical and cultural heritage sites (available on the Russian Ministry of Culture’s).

How big is the risk?

According to Vyacheslav Suskov, a modern-day treasure hunter from St. Petersburg, there have been a few arrests since the law was introduced. If you are spotted on a cultural heritage site with artifacts in your pocket and there are eyewitnesses around, then you risk being fined and all the objects will be confiscated.
“Over the last four years there were around 5-7 cases that I heard of,” Suskov told RBTH. “These are usually serious cases when a significant layer of the land was harmed or ancient burial sites in the Krasnodar Territory or historical settlements in Novgorod were affected.”
Small-scale searches by enthusiasts might also invite the ire of the authorities. Back in April 2017 Russian authorities carried out their first raid on such treasure-hunters near Troitsk, which was the venue of fierce military clashes between Russia and Napoleon’s Army in the 1812 war.
The Moscow City Heritage Committee along with local authorities aims to stop those who might carry out illegal searches, according to Leonid Kondrashev, the chief archaeologist of Moscow. 

What can you search for?

The law forbids looking for objects that are more than a hundred years old, but a search using metal detectors is not banned.
“What you can look for are fragments of meteorites, lost jewelry, keys, phones, coins and scrap metal,” Suskov told RBTH. As for legendary treasures, it will take too much time and resources
“The information about their whereabouts is often too contradictory and sometimes it encompasses very large territories that cannot be properly explored,” Vladimir Poryvaev, another Russian treasure hunter and owner of his own treasure hunting bureau, told RBTH. “Such riches are more likely to be found by mistake.”

Friday, April 28, 2017

Army Corps of Engineers Steps in To Fix Beach Parking At Shore Towns

Finally! Beach Towns May be Forced To Stop Limiting Parking To Outsiders or Non Resident's

One of the biggest obstacles to public beach access in New Jersey may be coming to an end.
A Jersey shore community that was devastated by Superstorm Sandy may drop drastic limitations on street parking that had the effect of making it impossible for outsiders to use its beaches.
Mantolokin NJ proposes dropping its longstanding law limiting parking to no more than two hours because the federal government is insisting on more parking as a condition of spending tens of millions of dollars on a beach replenishment project in town.
The Army Corps of Engineers said it will insist on similar parking and access guarantees at other beaches as well, potentially challenging or ending some of the most restrictive policies that shore towns have used to keep outsiders off their sand.

Credit: Maranatha Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Join Our Friends From The ECRDA At Their Annual Club Hunt In Ocean City NJ May 20 & 21 2017

East Coast Research & Discovery Association
ECRDA Club Hunt:

‘Pieces of Eight’ - May 20 & 21, 2017 - Ocean City, NJ
The ECRDA's eighth annual open-to-the-public beach hunt, Pieces of Eight, Your registration includes two adult hunts each day and lunch both days.
Early registration ends soon -- but there's still time to sign up

They will host two adult hunts each day, as well as a Kids Hunt on Saturday. In addition, there's an optional Gold Hunt on Saturday and -- to honor late member Ed Mollahan -- an optional silver hunt on Sunday. Registration is limited to 180 attendees, not including kids.

As always, they will be awarding lots of great prizes including top-of-the-line metal detectors, additional detectors, silver and gold coins (including Reales!), and much more. And there are several additional contests throughout each day!

As always, lunch is on them: pizza, ziti, and sausage & peppers. They will also supply soda and water. When you register at the Music Pier each morning, coffee & snack cakes are on them as well.

The Hunt goes on rain or shine. You might want to bring rain gear.

Gold Hunt (optional)
The special Gold Hunt takes place on Saturday (see schedule). Cost is $20 for each; sign up at the registration table. They will award one prize for every 5 hunters registered! Prizes include 1/2-gram and 1-gram gold bars, 2-peso coins, and a 1/10 oz. American Gold Eagle coin!

Ocean City Music Pier
825 Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ 08226


The ECRDA has arranged for discounted rates at selected properties for your convenience. As always, to receive the discount, all reservations must be made by calling the properties directly. You must mention you are part of the ECRDA event. ECDRA will add more accommodations as they become available.

Once these sell out (and they will), you'll find a variety of affordable, family-friendly hotels, motels, and B&B rooms in and around Ocean City NJ.  You can also visit the Ocean City website for info on restaurants, shopping, other events, and more.

Impala Island Inn
1001 Ocean Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Rate: $178 for 2 nights
Includes 'Taste of Ocean City' bonus package
Distance to Music Pier: 0.5 miles

Wild Dunes Inn
801 10th Street
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Rate: $208.00 for 2 nights
Includes 'Taste of Ocean City' bonus package

Distance to Music Pier: 0.5 miles


You must mention you are attending the ECRDA Hunt.

Follow the link below to get the hunt flyer & registration form. Grab it now, fill it out, and send it in. Registration is limited to 180 attendees, so don't delay!


Finds Of The Month April 2017 Meeting

At our April Meeting club members selected two winners for our Finds Of The Month
Jim McLaughlin Found This Gold Medal

Joe Jorgensen Found This Colonial Shoe Buckle

Congratulations to our two winners both are great finds