DSMDC Officers

President - Jack Giarraffa
1st Vice President - Paul Wiener
2nd Vice President - Richard Clark
3rd Vice President - Ben Paolucci
Treasurer - Glen Gunther
Sargent at Arms - Bill Hermstedt
Librarian - Shirley Boyce
Secretary -  Ken Amann
Newsletter Editor - Chuck Coslet
Web Master - Bob Smrek

Membership Committee-
  > Ken Amann
  > Chuck Corbett
  > Jim Pincus

Request information: deepsearchmetaldetectingclub@gmail.com


  1. For additional information, please feel free to call me. Glen Gunther, Treasurer 732-991-0754 (C)

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  3. hello everyone! I am the new Newsletter Editor for Deep Search. Contact me with birthdays, anniversaries, special announcements, whatever. You can e-mail me chuck@rustysplacepet.com or via phone 973-728-3903. Hope to hear from you!