Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sand Scoops – For Beach Hunting

There are a number of different kinds of scoops out there in different shapes and sizes; you just have to determine what suits your needs.

You could get a short hand scoop like the models shown below. Keep in mind that every time you want to scoop up sand and search for your target, you will have to bend down low to the ground.
Garrett Plastic Hand Scoop. While this is inexpensive and sells for under $20 on Amazon it looks very much like a child's toy shovel.                  

RTG Hand Scoop Sells for around $35 - Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc.

Garrett Metal Hand Scoop. Online it sells for between $34 - $40 depending on site
The bucket of this RTG scoop is 5 inches in diameter by 9 inches long. The anodized handle is welded to the top of the sand scoop and is 12" long making the scoop about 18" overall long.

Sells for around $40 - Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc.

This RTG long handle model the bucket on this sand scoop is 5 inches in diameter by 9 inches long. The handle is 40inches long making the overall scoop length 47 inches
Sells for around $99 - Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc.

Note: RTG or Reilly’s Treasured Gold Inc. is located in Pompano Beach Florida USA

Outside the U.S.
We found a very interesting scoop called the STAVRscoop, which is made by a company in the Ukraine. Several reviewers indicate that they are very sturdy, just find out if they come with handles, as most of the photos did not show any. The interesting thing about these scoops are the number of holes in the bucket area. It would appear that it would work great in dry or wet sand as it looks very lightweight.

Sells for around $145  and Up depending on model 
STAVRscoop can be found online at

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