Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Way to Clean and Cash in your Clad Coins?

At the last Deep Search Metal Detecting Club meeting club member Steve B. said that he brought a large number of his clad coins to the bank and cashed them in. We were all curious how he managed to cash in all the coins he had found both in the ground and on the beach without having the bank reject them because of their overall condition.

Steve explained that he had cleaned the coins using a wire brush attachment on his drill. He said he holds the coin with a small pair of pliers and turns on the drill and that they come pretty clean.

So like many of us who have these dirty, rusty looking clad coins hanging around, I decided to give it a try. I pulled out my DREMEL tool and put on the wire brush attachment.Before cleaning

Quarter left after cleaning. Right normal quarter 
The quarter I cleaned still has a brownish look to it, although not as bad as this photo. Using the wire brush did not damage the coin in any way which was something I thought would happen. Overall I thought the 'experiment' work well.

So now I will take a bunch of the cleaned coins to my local bank which has a coin cashing machine and see what happens. NOTE that if you do not have an account with the bank they will normally charge you a fee to cash in your coins. The other option is to roll them, however now I understand that some banks do not accept rolled coins.

Bob S. Webmaster

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mercury Dime Values

COINS has a web page to help you determine Mercury dime values.
Photo Left: Circulated coin
Photo Right: Uncirculated

Average Mercury Dime Values

The following table lists the value (what you can expect a dealer to pay you) for your coin(s). The first column lists the date and mint mark followed by the value of an average circulated coin and the average value for an uncirculated one. These are approximate values and the final offer that you will receive from a particular dealer will vary depending on the grade of the coin and a number of other factors.
DateAvg CircAvg UncDateAvg CircAvg Unc
1916 D *$2,000.00$13,000.001934 D$3.70$28.00
1916 S$6.00$42.001935$2.90$10.00
1917$2.80$38.001935 D$2.90$25.00
1917 D$7.40$200.001935 S$2.70$16.00
1917 S$2.70$110.001936$2.80$9.00
1918$4.90$70.001936 D$2.70$17.00
1918 D$5.10$170.001936 S$2.70$13.00
1918 S$4.00$170.001937$2.70$9.00
1919$2.90$58.001937 D$2.70$16.00
1919 D$9.30$300.001937 S$2.90$18.00
1919 S$6.70$290.001938$2.70$11.00
1920$3.50$48.001938 D$2.80$12.00
1920 D$3.30$190.001938 S$2.80$14.00
1920 S$3.40$210.001939$2.70$9.00
1921 *$100.00$1,000.001939 D$2.90$10.00
1921 D *$140.00$1,000.001939 S$2.70$20.00
1923 S$5.30$270.001940 D$2.90$10.00
1924$2.70$60.001940 S$2.70$10.00
1924 D$6.00$240.001941$2.80$7.60
1924 S$4.90$280.001941 D$2.70$8.00
1925$2.80$59.001941 S$2.70$8.00
1925 D$13.00$400.001942$2.70$6.80
1925 S$5.70$310.001942/41 *$330.00$3,000.00
1926$2.90$41.001942 D$2.70$8.70
1926 D$4.30$160.001942/41 D *$350.00$2,000.00
1926 S$26.00$900.001942 S$2.70$10.00
1927 D$7.90$250.001943 D$2.70$7.40
1927 S$4.40$320.001943 S$2.70$9.00
1928 D$6.70$210.001944 D$2.80$7.60
1928 S$3.40$140.001944 S$2.80$9.00
1929 D$3.60$24.001945 D$2.70$7.60
1929 S$2.70$32.001945 S$2.90$9.00
1930$2.70$31.001945 Micro S$2.70$23.00
1930 S$3.60$70.00
1931 D$8.10$80.00
1931 S$4.40$90.00

Two-in-One Beach Scoop

If you are looking for a versatile beach scoop you may want to check out this RTG DELUXE BEACH SCOOP (#701). By Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc. $57.95 + shipping
This scoop can be used as an adjustable long handled scoop or it can be separated into a 9” hand scoop. The long handle slides into the short handle & is secured with a spring clip. The long handle has 4 adjustable positions. These handles are made of anodized aluminum. There are rubber hand grips on both handles. The 4" diameter round bucket is made of 1/2" strong wire screen brazed to 16 gauge galvanized steel.  This sand scoop is designed for dry sand hunting only, it is not made for water hunting.