Friday, October 19, 2012

New OKM 'Black Hawk' Metal Detector

Standard 36 cm - 14.18 inch coil and optional 16 cm -6.33 inch search coil

The Black Hawk metal detector comes with the following features and advantages:
  • lightning fast 600 MHz processor
  • with advanced combined technology of Pulse Induction mono coil and SCMI sensor we have increased depth and metal discrimination
  • find very small targets like nuggets, coins or jewelry with the optional 16 cm search coil
  • advanced programming have made this unit very easy to operate
  • search at night with a built in LED lamp and adjustable backlit display
  • discrimination of ferrous / nonferrous metals
  • wireless stereo headphones for silent metal detection
  • various settings to optimize the detector performance to your local soil (Threshold, Delay, Interference, Sensitivity)
  • external powerful battery pack for operating times up to 6 hours
  • optional 12 V car charger to charge while on the go                                                           

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