Tuesday, November 6, 2012

American Digger Magazine Sues Spike TV Over American Digger Show

According to The Wrap (http://www.thewrap.com/ , Spike TV and parent company Viacom are being sued in federal court by Greybird Publishing. The company claims Spike and Viacom are using the magazine's trademark without authorization and the use of the name is hurting the magazine's reputation.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grady "Butch" Holcombe and his wife Anita Holcombe, the publishers of "American Digger," claim that they started receiving calls, emails and "unfavorable comments on hobbyist forums from subscribers ... alarmed by the show's highly inflammatory and negative depiction of their hobby and the risks the show posed for the ability of hobbyists to continue their metal detecting activities" 
After the show premiered, Ric Savage, the former pro-wrestler turned "American Digger" reality star, was ousted from his position as a columnist at "American Digger" the magazine.
The publishers are demanding that the defendants be stopped from using "American Digger" and destroy all video and iterms bearing the mark. Greybird is also asking for damages and Viacoms profits.
Source: Huffington Post TV

According to the Hollywood Reporter Viacom who owns Spike TV says that it attained a valid license from Greybird Publishing.


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