Thursday, May 30, 2013

Restrictions on Metal Detecting in NJ State Parks

New Jersey State Parks-

 N.J.A.C. 7:2 
Statutory Authority: N.J.S.A. 13:1B-1 et seq., 13:1B-15.000 et seq., and 13:1L-1 et seq
Date Last Amended: April 13, 2007 
For regulatory history and effective dates see the New Jersey Administrative Code 

7:2-2.10 Damage to property/tampering 
(a) A person shall not abuse, mutilate, injure, destroy, move or remove any plant or animal or natural resource on lands and water under the jurisdiction or control of the State Park Service without having first obtained the permission of the Superintendent or designee. Authorized fish, game and wildlife activities are excepted. 
(b) A person shall not deface damage, move or remove any furniture, equipment, structure, or physical feature of any kind on lands and waters under the jurisdiction or control of the State Park Service without the permission of the Superintendent or designee. 
(c) A person shall not dig up, deface, or remove any soil, rock, historic or fossil materials or artifacts without written permission of the Director of the Division of Parks and Forestry or the Assistant Director of the Division for the State Park Service. 
(d) A person shall not disturb, remove, damage, destroy or interfere with the pumps, pipes, gates, wires, dams, works and equipment of the State Park Service incident to the flow of water. 
(e) An unauthorized person shall not open or enter any manhole or confined space without the specific approval of the Superintendent or designee. 

7:2-2.16 Metal detectors 
A person shall not use metal detectors or similar devices without a permit issued by Superintendent or designee. The permit may limit the location, hours, and days of use. A permit will not be issued for use in areas of significant historical or other value, or where such use would be incompatible with protection of the resource and/or interfere with public use of the facility. 

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