Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deep Search Club members search grounds of Allgor-Barkalow Homestead Museum in Wall NJ

On a very hot Sunday July 14th members of the Deep Search Metal Detecting Club searched the grounds of the Allgor-Barkalow Homestead Museum in Wall Township NJ

The Homestead Dates from the early 1800's and had a general store in the front 
beginning in 1844. A schoolhouse on the property was built in 1855, but was at a 
different location and moved there in 1999. Down (and across) the street a very 
short block is a wheelwright shop and is one of the "oldest brick buildings in 
Monmouth County", dating from the early 1800's. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Updated Meeting Schedule - Add to Your Calendar Now

2013 Meeting Schedule

JULY                      7/15/13    Room #2

AUGUST                 8/19/13   Room #2

SEPTEMBER            9/16/13

OCTOBER              10/28/13

NOVEMBER            11/18/13

DECEMBER             12/16/13

2014 Meeting Schedule

January & February 2014 NO meeting!

March                     3/17/14

April                       4/21/14

May                        5/19/14  

June                        6/16/14

July                         7/21/14

August                    8/18/14