Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Town Bans Metal Detecting At Historic Sites

Lower Saucon Township in Pennsylvania which is near Allentown and Bethlehem is 
prohibiting  Metal detecting on the grounds of the Heller Homestead, the Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse and on the Lower Saucon Township section of the Saucon Rail Trail. The town Council also recently approved rules for the activity at other park properties.

Due to a concern about potential impacts to township properties such as digging and soil disturbance, especially at historic sites, the township adopted a policy on Dec. 18, 2013 regulating metal detecting on township properties that was based on guidelines for the activity that were recommended to them by the Parks & Recreation Board.

Metal detecting will be permitted on township park properties with the following restrictions:
—Metal detecting is only permitted from dawn to dusk
—Metal detecting is not permitted on any athletic field or sideline
—Metal detecting must be conducted at least 100 feet away from any building, facility, court, garden, streambank or activity
—Shovels, spades and other similar tools MAY NOT BE USED to dig into or turn over sod and open soil areas
—The only permissible digging tools are screwdrivers, small garden trowels, ice picks and other similar narrow pronged devices such as Lesche digging tools
—Digging may not exceed a depth of 6 inches
—Digging is restricted to sod and open soil areas only
—Sod must be restored to its original condition after digging
—Articles found that are of apparent historical significance or personal value, such as uniform buckles, buttons, jewelry, etc., must be turned into the Lower Saucon Township office.
Persons who wish to use a metal detector on Lower Saucon Township park properties must apply for a permit for this activity at the township office at 3700 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18015 during regular business hours. Permits are good for one year. A $5 fee will be charged for the permit application. (see Township news)

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