Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Fisher F-19 Detector

At the IWA outdoor sports exhibition in Nuremberg Germany this past March Fisher Research Labs 
displayed their new Fisher F19 models. 
The F19 is said to come in pink camo, green camo and fisher gold. 

According to information found on the website http://www.detectorprospector.com they indicate the F19 will have a Manufacturers Suggested Retail a price of $899 and will be discounted to $799. It comes standard with the 5" x 10" DD coil.

Found the Fisher F-19 for sale at http://www.metaldetector.com/fisher-f-19-metal-detector  however it says that they are out of stock. Oddly enough we could find not mention of the F-19 on the Fisher web site.

Don't really know what the fascination is with metal detectors in CAMO colors. Take for example the Treasure Commander Detectors that the good folks at Kellyco have for sale on their website. Wondering do they work better that other detectors because they come in Camo colors?http://www.kellycodetectors.com/treasurecommander/  

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