Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TITANIC Sand Scoop Will Never Sink

The Scoop 
*16 gauge Stainless Steel 

*Foam filled to float upright next to you!
* Virtually indestructible
* Multiple Hand positions for ease of use
 * May be used either left or right handed
* Handle may be removed from the scoop without tools
 * Choice of colors * Black * Blue * Orange 

Super strong shaft 
*48 inches overall length 

 * 3/16 inch thick wall    * 1 1/8 inch O.D.    * 7/8 inch I.D. 
* 50 + 3/8 inch quick drain holes
* 7 ¾ inch wide 8 inch deep and 4 inches high * Built in handle to grip while classifying trash from treasure
* Secondary viewing tray to 
spread out  contents of the scoop, contains nearly a thousand 1/8 inch drain 

* Side guides to prevent good targets from washing out early
* Flattened base allows skimming floaters and also digging deep

* Weighs 6.5 pounds 

Navigate to the Deerfield Detectors website and view their video

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