Monday, June 23, 2014

Post-Sandy NJ Beach Replenishment

One of my favorite places to sit and soak up some sun is the beach at Long Branch at Pier Village. Visited the beach last week and I noticed some changes in both the color and contours of the beach. The sand nearest the boardwalk is dark in color with lots of shells while the sand down near the water is lighter and has few shells.
This peaked my interest so I went online to see if the Army Corps of Engineers were working on replenishing the sand on the beaches.
I was somewhat surprised to learn that they have been working on replenishing the sand on the beaches for some time.
Have not done any detecting on the Long Branch beach yet, but I am curious if the sand that they pumped onto the beach has any new goodies for us to find?

This is a link to an old article about the projects

    Pictures taken at Long Branch June 18, 2014

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