Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trying to Interpret Mercer County Parks Detecting Regulations

Some folks at the online "Friendly Metal Detecting Forum" have been talking about Mercer County Park regulations regarding detecting in their parks.  The point being that the regulations Do Not specifically say that metal detecting is not allowed. One member of the FMDF apparently asked someone at the Parks Dept. if metal detecting was allowed and the response was:   "We do not allow the use of metal detectors in our parks which we have over 10,000 acres."

Here is the only text from the park regulations that seems to apply to this issue.
No person shall dig or remove any dirt, stone, rock or substance whatsoever, make any excavation, quarry sand, stone or lay or set off any blast, or cause or assist in doing any of the said things within a County Park or Recreation Area

Read the complete regulations

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