Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gotta Get Me One- A Pinpointer Lanyard

I can't count the number of times I put my Garrett Pro pin-pointer on the ground while searching a hole that I just dug, and then got up and walked away. I go find another target only to realize that the pin-pointer is not in my holster. Now I have to backtrack and look for it wasting precious time. Obviously if I cannot find it I'm out about $110, which is about how much it would cost to replace 

Well I just ran across the answer to my prayers.
Called the "Keeper" security lanyard and sells for $9.95 at 'North Georgia Relics' Plus $2.95 shipping.

Another website offers the same lanyard for $10.95. They say that the lanyard works with the:
  • Garrett ProPointer 
  • Minelab ProFind
  • Vibra Probe 580
  • Vibra Tech 730
  • Vibra Quatic

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