Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The State Quarters program has been interesting to U.S. coin collectors for many reasons, but mainly due to the abundance of error coins that have appeared in the State Quarter series. The coin featured here is an example of the struck through grease filled dieerror type.
This Kansas State Quarter was struck through grease, creating a filled die error where the first T in TRUST is very weakly struck. Photo by Susan Headley

How Much is the Struck Through Grease Filled Die Error Worth?
They are not worth very much unless they are especially spectacular in some way. Then they might be valued at $2 to $5, perhaps, depending on condition. Filled die errors that occur in currently circulating coinage are not usually worth anything at all unless the coin is in an extremely high grade, generally MS-60 or better. Filled die errors on Proof coins, however, can bring a nice premium, since it is very rare that defective coins make it through the careful Proof quality-control process.
Why is the "T" Missing? Like all mechanical machines, a lubricant is needed in the coin press to prevent the metal parts from causing friction to each other. In this case, some lubricating grease escaped from the machinery onto the surface of the coin die, eventually plugging up the letter T in TRUST. With the T being plugged, when the coin dies struck the planchet, the T wasn't fully transferred to the surface of the coin. This type of error is called a struck through grease filled die (or just "filled die") error.

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