Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jersey Shore Summer Beach Replenishment Projects


Although most beaches in New Jersey are in good shape, there are some ongoing projects that could hinder accessibility at some point in the next few months.
Since Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, parts of the Jersey Shore are still trying to recover. Part of that recovery involves ongoing beach replenishment projects, boardwalk repairs and erosion protection.
Here's a look at those projects and a schedule of what to expect:

Long Beach Island
A $128 million beach replenishment project is underway in some towns on the 18-mile barrier island in Ocean County. 
  • Nebraska Avenue and 34th Street in Long Beach Township, early June through late July
  • 34th Street in Long Beach Township 11th Street in Beach Haven, from late July through mid September
  • 11th Street to Ocean Street in Beach Haven, from mid September to mid November

  • Ocean City
  • Beachfill started April 17 and should end around July 15
  • 55th Street north to 49th Street, from mid May to mid June

  • 55th Street south to 59th Street, from mid June to mid July

  • Strathmere to Sea Isle City

  • Hamilton Avenue south to 8th Street in Sea Isle City, from mid July to early August

  • 30th Street in Sea Isle City north to 8th Street, from early August to late August

  • 30th Street south to 52nd Street in Sea Isle City, from late August to mid September

  • 69nd Street north to 52nd Street, from mid September to mid October

  • Loch Arbour, Allenhurst
    Crews will be in Loch Arbour and Allenhurst to clean up pieces of World War I-era projectiles pumped onto the beaches there as part of the ongoing beach replenishment project.
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expects no beaches to be closed before Memorial Day while the initial surface cleanup takes place, but said beaches will be closed periodically in the coming weeks to conduct a more thorough for the boosters, which are components of ammunition used during World War I. 

    Long Branch
    Work is finally scheduled to get underway June 1 to replace a mile of boardwalk in the southern end of town destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. But the public beaches will be open.
    The $14.4 million project also involves construction of a sea wall to repair the severe erosion – resulting in steep cliffs – left by Sandy in the southern section. The work will run through the summer and should be completed by next May.

    The association beaches in southern Brick, from Camp Osborn south, including Normandy Beach, have a severe erosion problem, which has caused a 3- 6-foot drop-off leading to the ocean. The township has constructed temporary access ramps at some entrance points. State and local officials say the problem most likely won't be repaired this summer. 

    Ocean Grove
    Beaches will be open despite the ongoing repair work to the boardwalk from Hurricane Sandy. 

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