Friday, November 3, 2017

Lost Cochlear Implant – FOUND!

On October 30, 2017 DSMDC President Donna Funk received a call from a gentleman who was in a panic because he had lost the exterior part of his Cochlear Implant in some deep vines next to his house. Although he was not able to hear her, he did relay his message and said he would email her the details…

“I lost my hearing aid (Cochlear implant) on Saturday in the deep vines next to my house, an area ~ 20 x 20 feet. I've spent hours searching, nothing.Then I rented a White's Coin Finder metal detector, but obviously am completely inexperienced, and I feel that I was most probably using it wrong. Can you please find me an expert who can come to my house and use their detector to find the hearing aid? I am lost without it. The hearing aid is mostly plastic and wires, but it has a large (quarter sized) magnet attached.

An email was sent to all DSMDC members and within an hour, many had volunteered to help. Matt Krupa and Johan Helders contacted the gentleman and went to his home the next morning. With the help of his pin pointer, it only took five minutes for Matt to locate the hearing aid. 

“Hi Donna,
They came and they found it in the deep bed of ivy. Success!!! 
I can hear again. Thank you, Donna, and your crew!
On October 30, 2017 DSMDC President Donna Funk received 

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