Saturday, March 3, 2018

Deep Search Metal Detecting Club Member Tim Reno’s great find in 2017 a Louisiana Civil War State Seal Belt Plate was included in The Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine’s BEST FINDS issue Volume 52 April 2018 Edition


Tim Reno

Last summer I was detecting with my buddy, Ralph, at a farm field in Old Bridge, New Jersey. There was a section of the field that was usually very muddy. I had my boots on so I gave it a try. After about ten minutes I got a good signal. I dug up the mud and thought it was just a piece of metal. I put it in my pouch and continued to detect.
We met back at my car at the end of the day and I washed off my piece of muddy metal and saw some designs. Ralph knew right away that the design was a pelican feeding her young and what I found was a Louisiana Civil War State Seal belt plate.
I just couldn’t believe it, and to find such an item from the South in a farm field in New Jersey just blew my mind.

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