Saturday, April 4, 2020

Some people have been asking about metal detecting in this period of COVID 19. First of all, let’s all follow Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 107. ( ) Especially Section 2 which does allow outdoor activities with appropriate social distancing. But keep in mind the purpose of remaining at home is to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.
Let me set you an example of what could happen. You decide to go out digging for a bit, so you get in your car to go to the woods where there is not one around. On the way home, you notice you need to stop for gas. While you are there, you decide to hit the restroom. And then you stop at McDonald’s drive-in for something to eat because detecting can make you hungry. Well when you hand over your credit card to the gas station attendant, he may be wearing gloves but he is wearing the same gloves he has touched everyone else’s credit card. And the pump that all the other attendants use after they have touched credit cards. Same thing at the drive thru. And let’s not even talk about the restroom. “No problem” you think, “I’ll wear disposable gloves”. Here’s the problem. Once you touch any possibly contaminated surface, that is anything anyone else has touched, your gloves are contaminated. So anything you touch, your phone, your keys, whatever, is now contaminated. Also, when you go to remove the disposable gloves do NOT touch the contaminated outside of the gloves with your bare skin! Pull off the first glove and then reach under the cuff of the other glove with your bare finger to pull off the second glove. Then wash your hands anyway. Remember that restroom stop? You might want to take off any shoes you wore outside and disinfect them before you bring them inside. Spray them with a disinfectant spray Also, change your clothes and wash them ASAP.
Masks are another matter. The primary purpose of a mask is to prevent you from infecting others BUT they can prevent others from infecting you by stopping you from inhaling any airborne droplets. It is important thought that our mask fit correctly. It must cover bothe your mouth and nose. And it must seal to your face all the way around.
Is this overkill? Not really, Virologists talk about vectors of transmission. Every surface you touch exposes you to every other person who has touched that surface or has sprayed a droplet on it. You then become a vector every time you touch something.
In the end, it is an individual decision to go detecting with the responsibility to limit the transmission of Corona Virus as much as possible.

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